Tuesday, August 22, 2006

the blow

on k records. rad! there are 3-4 duds on the album but the rest are great. 'Parentheses' and 'Fists Up' are repeat plays. seriously like 10 time-over repeat plays. think figurine but more interesting vocally... or postal service if you must but PS kinda shit on everybody. and it's completely different if you can get past the 8-bit stylings. the comparisons between the 2 are inevitable tho. the k records affiliation is nice, and it does remind me of some lo-fi bands from back then [kicking giant?]. i dunno, i'm a little short of words for this one. not a masterpiece, but if you know what you're in for it's great. thanks go to boykins writer-at-large brawnyman for this 'scoop'...

i see this thing being 'bigger than elvis' but what do i know?


imperialffrr said...

sounds kinda cool. k recs has always been really touch and go (indie label humor). ofcourse, beat happening and halo benders and all that great stuff is critical, and i've always fucked with the softies, but i can't think of many other bands i actually LIKE liked on the label.

new-wise, the karl blau album was good. calvin is and will always be a cool dude, though. remember the beat happening/screaming trees split? awesome.

i will listne to this blow album, though.

earl boykins said...

check out


r*rock did the animations, evan mast's little brother.

i heard calvin spin records last night at sub-tonic. unlistenable.

imperialffrr said...

that's some incredibly soft shit right there.

haha what does he play out these days?